RM25.00 - RM55.00
Medela Swing Maxi/ Swing Connector
Price RM25.00 - RM55.00
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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What is it?

It is a connector for Medela Swing/ Swing Maxi. Use to connect the pump machine with other tubing including hands-free cup tubing, thus enable Medela Swing/ Swing Maxi to connect with hands-free cups.


What we like?

Flexibility! Now you can connect your Medela Swing/ Swing Maxi with other tubing of hands-free cups or other breast pump tubing.



connector only - you use this to connect your Medela Swing/ Swing Maxi with other tubing

connector with tubing (choose normal quality of premium quality) - you use this to connect your pump with other hands-free cups including Imani, Lacte, Milk Planet Freedom, Youcup, Spectra, Cimilre etc.

For the normal quality: Its tubing can be used for single or double pump. For single pump just fold another end to the y-connector.

For the premium quality - It is anti-lint (tidak tarik habuk), high transparency and the connector is firmly sealed with total lock suction ie no lost suction.  

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