Maymom Tubing Set for Medela FreeStyle classic motor to use new Flex connector
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Brand Maymom
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  • Tubing for Older Freestyle pump to work with Medela Flex Connector.


  • With this Maymom Flex tubing, you can use the new & upgraded Medela Flex connector and PersonalFit Flex breast shield with your Classic Medela Freestyle breast pump.



  • Only for Classic Medela Freestyle breast pump


  • Connects to Medela Flex Connector, which allows you to use the new PersonalFit Flex breast shield



  • For double pumping, connect tubing to both pump sets
  • For single pumping, put the cap on one of the tubing end to block air path

Material: PVC, PP
Heat Resistant -10~75 degrees celsius
BPA free, DEHP free
Do not UV sterilize

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